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Hockey jersey

Classic loose-fitting V-neck jersey. Good air permeability, moisture wicking and quick drying. 

Resistant to fading, because it is important to have a print always freshly looking, especially when the print is as juicy as these on the chest and on the back.

And if Lord Nermal cat and Lil Mayo alien will make a hockey team, there already are uniforms for it.

Must be nice!

Model size M, height 184cm, weight 72 kg

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1,617 грн
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2,310 грн
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1,617 грн

Size Guide

SГрудна клітка: 44 смДовжина: 71 см Рукав: 62 см MГрудна клітка: 50 смДовжина: 73 смРукав: 65 смLГрудна клітка: 54 см Довжина: 75смРукав 63.5 см
XLГрудна клітка: 57 см Довжина: 76 смРукав: 63 см

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